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Tinting your car’s windows provides a variety of benefits such as sun protection, increased privacy, and glare reduction! Find out more about how Prime Auto Glass can upgrade your car’s windows.

Flawless Tinting Service

Protect Your Car
And Privacy

Our experts have extensive experience with tinting car windows of all shapes and sizes – we’re certain you’ll be satisfied! There are many benefits involved with automotive tinting. It increases privacy, blocks harmful UV rays, reduces sun glare, and much more!

Our specialists will consult with you to determine the tint shade that suits your needs best. Each shade, from 5% to 50%, will achieve different goals, such as complete solar energy rejection and infrared rejection. There is a perfect shade for everybody – let’s find yours!

Prime Auto Glass Mobile Chip Repair Vehicle
Our Application Process

How it Works


Our tinting technician rigorously cleans all target windows to ensure a smooth application. The tinting film is then applied to each target window. Lastly, they’ll complete an inspection for any bubbles or imperfections and visibility to ensure its safe to drive.

The time it takes to complete the tinting depends on a few factors, such as how many windows you want tinted, whether or not the windows have already been tinted, and how large the windows are. We’d be happy to discuss the price and length of the job with you, call us now for a free quote!

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Mobile Chip Repair Service


Have you suffered from a chipped windshield recently? We offer a unique service that allows our windshield repair experts to bring the shop to you! Whether you are at home, at work, or on the road, we will dispatch an expert to come and repair your chipped windshield as fast as possible. Find out more about our mobile windshield repair service!