Residential Tinting

If you are looking for a top-quality residential tinting service look no further. Let us make your home more private and energy-efficient.

Benefits Of Residential Tinting

  • Reduce heat in your home or extension
  • Added privacy
  • Reduce glare when watching TV or working on computers
  • Save energy and save money
  • Reduce harmful UV rays in your home
  • Improves Safety makes home windows shatter-resistant
  • Prevent furniture fading
residential tinting

What Is Involved In The Work?

First, our technician will thoroughly clean your windows to make sure they are free from silicone, dirt and invisible contaminants.

They will then apply the tinting film to all the windows you have chosen to tint.

Finally, they will carry out a full and complete inspection of their work and advise you of care procedures and anything else you should be aware of.

Top Quality Guaranteed

We only use quality materials and tinting products to ensure the very best results. All our work is covered by our awesome satisfaction guarantee.


How Long Does It Take?

This varies hugely from home to home and will depend on:

  • How many windows you want to be tinted
  • The size of the windows
  • Whether or not we are removing old or expired tinting first

Please be aware that this is not a quick job. Tinting takes time and patience it is vital that the tinting film be installed properly. This requires careful attention to detail and precision for the best results. Rushing the process can result in premature fading, peeling or bubbling of the tints.

Small windows or “french panes” can ironically be some of the most time-consuming windows to tint.
The type of window frame can also impact the time it takes. Wood and older metal frames can be extra time consuming while new vinyl windows won’t take as long.

Give us a call and talk to one of our technicians without obligation for an estimate on how long tinting will take for your home.

How Do I Get Started?

That's easy just give one of our friendly team a call we will arrange to visit your home and give you a no-obligation quote for the work and if you are happy with our quote we will schedule the work.


Our Peace Of Mind Promise To All Our Customers

Here at Prime Auto Glass And Tint your peace of mind is important to us. We want you to be as confident in our high-quality work as we are so all of our services come with our iron-clad warranties.

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